My work is about reflecting my existential thinking, always searching for to know and understand my reality, defining my identity by what conforms my living, taking me to bring ordinary themes to my art discourse and becoming experimental. It has expressed my inner states of what I am experimenting at the moment of time, my believes and my findings.

In the last 5 years I went into a watershed encounter that explains the reality and the truth that I was looking for, which has to do with spiritual believes and experiences, this change my art discourse profoundly but not aesthetically, giving to it a new perspective from where to continue developing and to explore this way I found.

Since this turning point has to do with my personal living, and it explains my everyday life, it becomes the center from where to re-conform myself even to the art expression. So, my latest artwork is about actualizing and reviewing –traditional- religious art, proposing an analogy of the antique Christian art using what offers our contemporary context, combining it with my personal aesthetic related with neo pop art. Thus it becomes a mix of traditional religious art contents with new symbology and techniques. I work with the same palette and materials used in previous works, taking together my very personal life experience in the theological ideology, being my work a proposal for the “religious return” of humanity of our times, where humankind is searching back for the spiritual and the transcendental.